Popcorn Night: Suicide Squad--A Superhero movie...from the Dark Side

After a curious archaeologist wanders into a secret, skull-filled cavern and breaks what seems to be an old artifact, the spirit of a witch named Enchantress enters her body and she ends up being a host to the unwelcome guest. Once this happens, the witch becomes mobile inside of her, seizing her thoughts and actions. The problem escalates when the witch plans to build a machine that would wipe humans from planet earth.  

But instead of sending an armed task force to deal with the situation, the US Army assigns a sergeant along with five newly-recruited, and formerly imprisoned, supervillains to do the job: Deadshot (a notorious hitman, played by Will Smith,) Harley Quinn (a former therapist at a psychiatric ward, played by Margot Robbie, who fell in love with one of her patients and helped as an accomplice in a murder he orchestrated,)  Griggs (a bank robber/jewelry thief, played by Ike Barinholtz,) Diablo (a fire-shooting human being, played by Jay Hernandez, who is a former serial k…

A Better Scoop: Scientists reportedly developing melt-resistant Ice Cream protein which helps it remain frozen for longer

Photo By TheCulinaryGeek from Chicago, USA (Strawberry Ice Cream Cone  Uploaded by Mindmatrix) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
With temperatures still hovering around or above thirty degrees Celsius in most parts of North America, it's pretty clear that ice cream still has a limited window of time to shine through before it is carted away for the year. From classic and savory flavors such as chocolate and vanilla to oddities like chocolate chip cookie dough and heavenly hash, there seems to be a flavour to be had for every sweet tooth and dairy lover alike.  However, there's one thing that many hate during ice cream season, which is the almost instant melting of the product when exposed to the scorching heat of a Western afternoon. However, thanks to modern science, that problem may soon be a struggle of the past, and could help to save may from the dreaded sticky fingers caused by the separation of cream and ice.
According to clai…

Question of the Day: Is WIld Parsnip Edible?

What Happens when Lava meets Ice?

Popcorn Night: San Andreas

It is universally known that all earthquakes are terrible, no matter how prepared one is. The horrid thought of man-made civilization perishing away from brutal and uncontrollable forces can send a chill down anyone’s spine as they foreshadow the amount of destruction to be had. And that’s what this latest flick tries to illustrate in all of its Hollywood glory.
What happened: After a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Hoover Dam in Colorado, earthquake researcher and California Institute of Technology Professor Lawrence Hayes was left traumatized. Just before his eyes, cars were instantly pushed around like Hot Wheels, and the concrete divider which separated the dam’s bodies of water began to crumble as if it were made of drywall. Shocked by the outcome, Hayes promptly flew back to California and furthered his research of seismic activity along the Southern United States, only to be met with horror while being interviewed about the Colorado incident. Just moments after beginning, o…
It's a cool and rainy Saturday morning, and you slouch in a chair at a local cafe with a white-and-red exterior, basking in the strong incandescence of the sunlight. As you read the local news and sip a cup of full-bodied dark roast, your face emits a joyous smile from reaping the rewards of a long and challenging work week. But as you look up from the newspaper and onto the vast landscape, your eyes catch a glimpse of many meowing cats, all of which beg to be caressed and fed. Smiling, you proceed to do exactly that, and walk away in a state of what seems to be perpetual happiness.

Does the above story seem to be taken out of a make-believe dystopian paradise? If so, think again; this is an actual island called Aoshima in the Ehime Prefecture of Japan, and it is home to approximately one hundred and twenty cats, but only twenty humans. But why?

The answer to that question has to do with a problem which plagued fishermen

Why Most Barns are Red

Photo released under CC0 on Wikimedia Commons
Chances are that most of the barns which you see are identical in colour to the image above. But why?
It’s a warm summer evening in the middle of nowhere, and the sun sets on a vast area of greenery. You drive along an uneven gravel road as the tires of your car grind against every pebble, breathing in the freshly minted air of the countryside with your eyes shut and the windows of your car rolled down. Whiff after whiff, the smell of uncontaminated oxygen makes its way into your lungs, and every worry you have just seems to oxidize away into a crispy, inferior powder. Then, a moo is heard. And a loud whinny is let out. After that, there is a loud clucking coming from somewhere. Moments later, the sound of an electric shaver is heard. But worst of all, a pungent smell hits your nose, leaving it incapacitated and irritated with aggression. As you open your eyes, you probably see a farmhouse which is red. But as you reflect on the red institut…