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George R. R. Martin Still Uses DOS And WordStar 4.0 To Write Game Of Thrones Novels


When most writers choose to write a novel, poem, short story or blog post, they usually go to their internet-enabled PCs and open up Microsoft Word (a program which, according to Wikipedia, “is the most widely used word processing software according to a user tracking system built into the software, which is not built into LibreOffice, AbiWord, KWord, and LyX.” And with many useful features like AutoCorrect and spell checking, it isn’t hard to see how the currently cloud-enabled word processor gets its notability. However, for some writers (like Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin,) old school programs are better than the ones we use today.

In an interview with Conan on his television show Team Coco, Martin tells Conan that he uses MS-DOS (which, in case you didn’t know, came before Windows,) and a currently defunct word processor called WordStar 4.0 (a.k.a the predecessor to Corel’s slowly abandoned WordPerfect suite.) He then explains that he has another, more modern PC whic…

Did Thomas Edison Really Invent The Lightbulb?

*The photo above is in the public domain, if you want to use it* In today's era of smartphones, virtual reality glasses and smartwatches,  the lightbulb can be considered a primitive device to most. Merely a tungsten filament wrapped around two pieces of carbon rod (not to mention the vacuum sealed glass dome which prevents it from oxidization,) its simplicity makes it an invention which most people overlook. However, did Thomas Edison really invent it?

How Lightbulbs Work
When power is fed through its metal bottom, the incandescent bulb's filament emits a yellowish (or white,) glow. This is achieved by vacuum sealing the light-emitting components in a glass dome which prevents the filament from coming into contact with oxygen. Once the vacuum seal wears off, the tungsten wire oxidizes and burns out completely.

Enlighten Me
Around 1801, Sir Humphrey Davy (a British electrician,) connected two platinum rods together using a piece of wire. The result? A bright yellowish glow which co…

How Did the Google Logo Get It's Colours?


How The Oreo Got It's Name

No matter which supermarket you go to, the Oreo cookie is an all-American staple that pleases young and old (a staple which, unfortunately, is also ruined by the ridiculous amount of sugar which Nabisco insists on stuffing it with.) Merely a layer of crème-inspired icing sandwiched between two layers of chocolate wafers, it's simple design can be taken apart and consumed in so many different ways. But how did the Oreo get it's name, and why did it stick to begin with? While the answer may be unclear, there are so many different languages which could have given it the iconic name which many people have come to know and love today:

The First Theory:
During the early 1920s, the Nabisco cookie company tried to invent a cookie which had a layer of sugary icing in the middle and two cookies which held it together. The result? A snack icon which was rounded atthe top and bottom. Because of it's funny design, legend states that the cookie giant (now owned by Mondelez,) coined the na…

The Breakfast

TOYS by James Patterson Review-An Unpopular Novel Which Took Me By Surprise

If you chronically read/explore the world of books at your local bookstore/library/eBook shop, then you should be familiar with millionaire author James Patterson, whose Alex Cross and MichaelBennett novels earned him first place on the New York Times Bestseller List for an approximate 200 week span throughout his entire career. And his Sci-Fi/Mystery novel TOYS clearly shows how he became an all star in terms of literature.


Hays Baker-an agent who is also the main character in the book- lived most of his life under the assumption that he was an Elite (a breed of humans which are 99 percent Homo Sapiens and 1 percent robotic.)  But, when Baker later discovers that he's a human, his life takes a turn for the worst, as all of the Elites want to kill him for spreading such a lie. He is then faced with the challenge of protecting humans from mass extinction by Elite president Hughes Jacklin , all while being faced with an entire force of Elite humans who are set to destroy hi…