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Why Most Barns are Red

Photo released under CC0 on Wikimedia Commons
Chances are that most of the barns which you see are identical in colour to the image above. But why?
It’s a warm summer evening in the middle of nowhere, and the sun sets on a vast area of greenery. You drive along an uneven gravel road as the tires of your car grind against every pebble, breathing in the freshly minted air of the countryside with your eyes shut and the windows of your car rolled down. Whiff after whiff, the smell of uncontaminated oxygen makes its way into your lungs, and every worry you have just seems to oxidize away into a crispy, inferior powder. Then, a moo is heard. And a loud whinny is let out. After that, there is a loud clucking coming from somewhere. Moments later, the sound of an electric shaver is heard. But worst of all, a pungent smell hits your nose, leaving it incapacitated and irritated with aggression. As you open your eyes, you probably see a farmhouse which is red. But as you reflect on the red institut…