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It's a cool and rainy Saturday morning, and you slouch in a chair at a local cafe with a white-and-red exterior, basking in the strong incandescence of the sunlight. As you read the local news and sip a cup of full-bodied dark roast, your face emits a joyous smile from reaping the rewards of a long and challenging work week. But as you look up from the newspaper and onto the vast landscape, your eyes catch a glimpse of many meowing cats, all of which beg to be caressed and fed. Smiling, you proceed to do exactly that, and walk away in a state of what seems to be perpetual happiness.

Does the above story seem to be taken out of a make-believe dystopian paradise? If so, think again; this is an actual island called Aoshima in the Ehime Prefecture of Japan, and it is home to approximately one hundred and twenty cats, but only twenty humans. But why?

The answer to that question has to do with a problem which plagued fishermen