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What Happens when Lava meets Ice?

Popcorn Night: San Andreas

It is universally known that all earthquakes are terrible, no matter how prepared one is. The horrid thought of man-made civilization perishing away from brutal and uncontrollable forces can send a chill down anyone’s spine as they foreshadow the amount of destruction to be had. And that’s what this latest flick tries to illustrate in all of its Hollywood glory.
What happened: After a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Hoover Dam in Colorado, earthquake researcher and California Institute of Technology Professor Lawrence Hayes was left traumatized. Just before his eyes, cars were instantly pushed around like Hot Wheels, and the concrete divider which separated the dam’s bodies of water began to crumble as if it were made of drywall. Shocked by the outcome, Hayes promptly flew back to California and furthered his research of seismic activity along the Southern United States, only to be met with horror while being interviewed about the Colorado incident. Just moments after beginning, o…