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Popcorn Night: Suicide Squad--A Superhero movie...from the Dark Side

After a curious archaeologist wanders into a secret, skull-filled cavern and breaks what seems to be an old artifact, the spirit of a witch named Enchantress enters her body and she ends up being a host to the unwelcome guest. Once this happens, the witch becomes mobile inside of her, seizing her thoughts and actions. The problem escalates when the witch plans to build a machine that would wipe humans from planet earth.  

But instead of sending an armed task force to deal with the situation, the US Army assigns a sergeant along with five newly-recruited, and formerly imprisoned, supervillains to do the job: Deadshot (a notorious hitman, played by Will Smith,) Harley Quinn (a former therapist at a psychiatric ward, played by Margot Robbie, who fell in love with one of her patients and helped as an accomplice in a murder he orchestrated,)  Griggs (a bank robber/jewelry thief, played by Ike Barinholtz,) Diablo (a fire-shooting human being, played by Jay Hernandez, who is a former serial k…